Monday, June 23, 2003

Letter to Ms. Monique

Dear Monique,

I'm not sure if you remember me or not... But I remember you. You have left me a strong impression and a memory that will never go away. Ms. Monique, Oh Ms. Monique, how can I ever forget you?
Let me refresh your mind... We met inside of Loews Theatre in Midtown, remember? You were standing behind the counter, and I was ordering a cup of Coffee Mocha Blast from you. The line was long and there were a lot of people waiting. I was actually the 5th person in the line, but some reason, the 3 people in front of me left without ordering. And then, when I was only 1 person away from you... The Asian girl in front of me left the line as well.
I can remember her saying: " You know what? Forget it. This is taking forever. I don't want the blueberry smoothie anymore. I'm late for the movie."
That was rude, huh? Yes, Monique, I can see it in your eyes. You were pissed at her. Oh Yes you were. But you know what? I like that. I like the fire in your eyes.
Then, it was my turn to order.
Remember how I whispered to you, that I wanted a Coffee Mocha Blast? And you were so shy, that you turned your back to me, and stared at the menu posted on the wall. You were so shy, that you refused to look at me in the eyes. You reach up, and pointed under the "HOT Coffee" section.... "This? Mocha Coffee?"
Oh, Monique, I know what you were hinting... You wanted to tell me that you have the HOTS for me just like I have for you. But you are working, I cannot allow myself to distract you from your precious career.

"No, I want the Iced Coffee Mocha Blast. Right under the Smoothie Section."

And oh yeah, your supervisor. The tall girl who was making the cafe latte, banana mango smoothie and expresso at the same time. Yes, I remember her. She turned to you, and told you "No, its Mocha BLAST."

She must be really jealous. Her voice was sharp and she looked at you firmly.
Do you remember how she pointed at the menu with her finger?

But you were quite a naughty girl. I knew that you want to play a trick on her. So you pointed your finger back at the picture of the Coffee Mocha under "HOT Coffee" section.


Funny how you said it. So innocent. Like you have no idea what an iced mocha is. You sounded like it was your first day at work. You are such a great actress. I'd love to see you winning an Oscar in the future.

I think you totally pissed your supervisor off. That was funny. I saw the same fire in her eyes, that you had with the Asian girl earlier. So powerful. So powerful!
The supervisor lady grabbed the mango smoothie she was making earlier, and handed to a group of girls on the other side of the counter.

"I'm really sorry" She said.

Then Monique, oh Monique, I remember how your voice sounded then. So sweet, yet firmed.

"You pay yet?"

"Yes. We paid 15 minutes ago" said the tallest girl.

Then Monique, you turned to me. So shy, that you refused to look at me in the eyes. You were looking down on the little monitor, where it lists all the available drinks and their price.
I know you wanted me to stay longer... You move your fingers in circles in front of the monitor...hinting me that you want me to stay. But you still refused to look at me.

"Under the Smoothie section. Press the smoothie button" said your supervisor.

She interfered our moments together. But you were great. You acted as you didn't understand her.
You kept on moving your finger up and down the screen...

There was a moment of silence. And someone's gotta break the ice.

And that is when you opened your lips and said..."That would be seven dollars and seventy cents"

I smirked and laughed at the joke you made. "Wow, I didn't know the new tax rate is that high for a three dollar drink!"

Your supervisor interrupted us again. "Sorry, Sir. It's three dollars and ninety five cents."

"There!" She said, as she touched your monitor screen.

You stood there, with the innocent clueless look on your face. Starring at her.
I know, we were both upset that there's a 3rd wheel between us.

Hey, do you remember that Asian guy who stood behind me? He was pissed at your supervisor too. He left the line while saying..."F**K, this is taking forever."
How funny that a stranger also feel unjust for us.

There's one thing that I must say about your supervisor. She is very fast and can really make some smoothie! While you were standing there counting and trying to break my twenty dollar bill, she made three smoothies and a hot coffee drink all at once. The amazing thing is, she didn't break any sweat.

"One, two, three, four...Five..." You whispered softly as you count the bills... one by one...
I had my eyes on your fingers... Moving along with each single dollar bill...
In my head, I was counting with you. "One 10, One 5, and One 1 dollar bills plus one nickel would do."

That is when I noticed that we are speaking different languages. We don't count a like. This is not going to work out. There's a gap between our culture and our speed. There's a disjunction between our thought process.

After getting my Coffee Mocha Blast from your supervisor, I headed to theater #9, where Hulk was shown. I didn't turn my back, I was afraid to look at you again. I was afraid that my fragile heart might not be able to sub-press the fire that was flushing upwards from the bottom of my tummy. I didn't turn my head. I didn't turn my body. I didn't stop. I had to give up the chance to see you again. This will never work out, Monique. Never will.

So, here I am. Writing this letter to you. I just want you to know, that you deserve a better man. Please forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt you.



PS. In case you got laid off, you can always apply for Dunkin' Donuts. Believe me, they *need* help.

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