Monday, June 23, 2003

Album Review

All My Life - Jocelyn Enriquez

It has been way too long since Jocelyn Enriquez release her 3rd album.
I was very surprised to discover "All My Life" at Tower Records last night. I had to get it. I just have to get it.
Over all rating, I'd give her 8 out of 10. The album is mostly packed with dance track. Even though it has been a 6 years since her previous album, Jocelyn (1997), she still carry that strong and powerful voice. However, to be really honest, the first time I listen though the entire album, all the songs sound pretty much the same to me. The beats are really similar, and style is pretty much the same compare to 1997's Jocelyn. But the more I listen to it, the more love I have for Jocelyn. This is album that I recommend people to pick it up. Especially if you are into dance beats from the late 90's. (My Generation, okay?)
"When I get Close To You" - the single that was released in year 2000, is not included in the album. But that's good, since I don't really like that track anyway. (I've also noticed that she has a new record label!)

Best Tracks: (1) All My Life (9) You Alone (10) Walking In The Rain (11) No Way No How (JJ Flores Remix) and (12) Faith, Hope, and Prayer.
Track that I can live without: (8) WHY
Favorite Track in the entire album: (3) It's No Wonder

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