Friday, May 09, 2003

Thank Goodie-ness that its a Friday. I have been looking forwad to this day since Monday! (Well, its more like a routine. On monday, I'd be thinking about Friday. On Tuesday, I'd thinking about Friday. On Wednesday, I'd be thinking about Thursday. On Thursday, I'd be thinking about there's one more day left until the weekend)
Sometimes, I ask myself, why am I feeling this way when I come to work. Shouldn't I be thinking.."Yay, More stuff to do! I won't be bored! I love my job! I love work! I love my desk! Muah Muah Muah"
But... This is not what's really happening...
I'm not even sure if I like my job or not. (Actually, I think its OK job - but the $$$ is good....)
Oh gosh, I'm loosing it.
Its time for me to get some work done... *sigh*

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