Thursday, May 15, 2003

Blogger has been mean to me. The entry I post yesterday never made it to the public's view.
Now, I completed forgot what I wrote. Oh well.

*** FuD Place Of The Day ***

Cascata Cafe italiano
174 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
1212 353 1426

I went to this restaurant for dinner today - I was surprised how good the food and how fair the price are ---
Bascially, I ordered the $18.95 prefix menu - where I get an Apptizer, Entree, and Desert.
I Had the Field Green Sald (Which, was really really really really good...!), and Tuscan Steak.. and Cheesecake for desert.
For $20.00, the food was definately worth more than what it costed me - compare to other restaurants in New York (example: Brasserie - argh - expensive price for so-so food)
The environment of the restaurant is pretty good too! Very classy and not overly 'fancy' - It's definately a good place go to on a first date.

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