Thursday, May 29, 2003

Rain Within the Train

Even though I have been quite stressed with work stuff - but I manage to find something to keep my attitude positive. I shouldn't let stress run my life, especially when my hair is at its more fragile phase.

I got off the LIRR train at Penn Station, as usual. I didn't feel as tired I felt during the last couple days. I even got myself a Grande Iced Mocha at Starbucks. (What can I say, I'm addicted to Caffeine) --- Then I made my way to the No. 2 train area.

I was lucky. There was this really cute guy standing next to me while waiting for the train to arrive.

Then the train arrived. There were a lot of people stand around me... I knew that it will be another crowded train.... As soon the door opened, and the passengers stopping at the Penn station ran out of the train.... I moved myself all the way into the train. I was really considerate. I want to make more room so more people can fit in the train.

Then, all of the sudden. I hear.... a mixture of a cough plus sneeze sound coming from my right hand side. And within a split second. I felt a bunch of sprinkles landed on my hair, my ear, my face and my neck.

"Ah" was the only thing that popped up in my head at the moment.

I stood frozen for at least a good 30 seconds... Then I take out one of the Starbucks napkin and start to wipe myself with it...
The strange thing is, the man who "sprayed" me pushed me further away from him.
I thought, he probably want me to stand further away from him... So I won't get "wet" again... Maybe I'm too nice of thinking this way. But that guy didn't even apologize or say anything.

Just a Push...

I stood though the entire ride... After I have arrived at my desk.... I grabbed my anti-bacterial hand foam (From Bath and Body Works) and wipe it all over my head 3 times. Seriously, I freakin' smell like Cucumber Melon right now.

The 'rain' totally showered away my positive energy that I had since this morning.

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