Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I woke up this morning, feeling extremely dizzy. As I look at the clock next to my bed...
"Great, I slept though my first alarm.........."
I was glad the second alarm caught me.
I crawled out of my bed feeling very intense...
"Gosh... I need more sleep..."
After my right foot touched the ground... I quickly grab the my clean tankie and brief with my left hand, the dry towel with the other... And dashed toward the bathroom.
"Time for the morning shower again"
The shower was great, but though out the entire 'washing' session, I was half asleep.
"Why didn't I go to bed earlier.... argh... only had 3 hours of sleep... this is not good"
By the time I got off the shower, it was almost the time to catch the train.
I put my clothes on while I choke myself with the tie...
"Gotta be fast, Gotta be fast" I said to myself.
After I shaved my chin with the razor blade... I looked into the mirror.
"Nah, no time to do the hair"
I turned off the light, grabbed my bag, and heads to the train station.
Arriving at work after a good 45 minutes ride on the train and subway - I started my daily routine of checking emails and voice messages.
Maybe I drank a bit too much tea and coffee, that my bladder was sending images of urinals to my head like crazy.
I locked my computer, and head to the restroom.


"What a relief"

I walked toward the sink... and pumped some soap in my hand... As I rub my hands together... I raised my head and look into the mirror.

I saw myself. With the hair without the usual hair products... I can clearly see the bald spot splitting from my forehead toward the center of my scalp. Flash backs of me, picking up hairs from the drain after each showers, flashes in front of my eyes.

"So, this is what happens when I get older...."

For some reason, I felt a certain sadness that almost bring tears to my eyes.

I rinsed my hand, and head out of the restroom.

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