Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reality Show Eye Candy: Jesse Brune

If you have been watching Bravo's "Work Out" Reality show, then you must have seen this cute spunky trainer.

And he makes cucumber soup.

What else can't he do?

If I have the money, I'd love to hire him as my personal trainer, so I can look all pretty and cute like him.

Check out Jesse's website at: http://www.jessebrune.com


Dr.P said...

I love your "men" referrals.

Michael Guy said...

HE is cute. But I don't know... 'two-faced?'

He apologized to Rebecca for stating that she was sleeping with Jackie just to further her career but is still talking dirt about Rebecca behind her back.

GrooveTheory said...

I never saw any of the episodes this season, but he is HOT! He looks like David Beckham.

Anonymous said...

Jesse is cute, but his sass-mouthy little girl peronsality makes him "Ugly". Also Jesse is flabby -for a personal trainer, he should be in better shape.