Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hot Bod Sexy Bod...

Doesn't how much I excercise and dieting, I cannot get rid of my big TUMMY.


*sigh* Why can't I have a body like this or that? So I can dance like this?!

I know, you must being thinking..."Go Workout. Go to the Gym."

Well, I'm a member of NYSC, thank you very much. But I have been So busy, that the only time I can go to the gym working out is Saturday morning. (and is if my Saturday schedule is OPEN) I used to workout after work during weekdays. At least 3 times a week, but then... I got busy.

Since the 2nd week of April, I have been trying to squeeze 40 - 90 minutes of excercise routine before bed time. These ranges from Yoga, Aerobics, Light Weights, Dance Cardios, and a lot of sit-ups.

And of course, I get full rest whenever I can.

But nothing seem to help. Ah... Ah... Help me Help Me!!

On the other hand, some people asked me how come I haven't post up any new photos or banners lately?

Well my dearest - My digital camera is broken. (or my flash card)

I do have this old Digital Camera that I got back in 2001 - but the quality is so poor, that my picture ends up looking like sh*t. And no body wants to look like sh*t other than sh*t themselves.

Okay, it's time to dance to this:


GrooveTheory said...

I do miss the old Wayne. You've been TOO busy lately, you haven't doodled, or did your animation stuff. What ever happened to that?

Wayne said...

Things changed when your work environment changed into a open cube area.. no more walls, no more doors... and the fact that boss' office is directly behind me... making things much more difficult to draw, play around and stuff.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I think shaking your belly might be a sexay thang!

HaloSiryn said...

If I ever found a guy who could move like Will Kemp and even better, look like him as well, I'd be a happy boy.

That reminds me to download that song and go shoe shopping :P