Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sunny Day @ La Jolla Shore

La Jolla Shore, originally uploaded by WaterSea.

This photo was taken last month, at La Jolla Shore, San Diego.

Beautiful, isn't it? Yeah. Tons of beautiful people there. Too bad, we went during Winter. At Summer time, you see Shirtless surfers here and there.

Just down the shores, there were some Seals taking a Sun Bath. As well as some brave surfers paddling up against the wave. The wind was breeze and the seagulls were huge.

I'm not much of a Sunglasses person. Those of you who have met me - probably never seen me wearing Sunglasses. (or only for a brief moment, then I'd take it off) The shades that I was wearing in the photo costed me about $12.00 - and it broke the next day. (Whatta Trash) The $5.00 glasses at H&M store lasts longer.

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