Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dear Friend...

I am Abbasi, a manager to a bank here in Ghana, i write to solicit for
your assistance in a transfer deal, if you can handle the business, get back
to me.
Thank You,

Are you f**king kidding me?
At least, that's what I had in my mind after I read the email. This month, I have been getting so many emails like these - with more info. For example, there was an email from a Russian woman whose husband just died, and has so much money stored in the bank. Then the b*tch wants to transfer the money to US, blah blah blah, and then asked for my bank account number, and I will get sh*tty 20% of the total amount.

I ain't no fool!

Anyways, hello my devoted readers. I must apologize for not having been able to keep up with my blog. It has been days and weeks that I hadn't been able to contribute anything 'new' to the blog.

I think I ran out of my creative juice. (Yeah. I need a refill. Anyone wanna help? *wink* *wink*)

I have decided to NOT attend my High School Reunion. The dead line to register is this Friday. During the time of financial crisis - I don't think I should be spending any more money. *sigh* It's not like I'm going to miss anything. I was never the popular one in High Schools. I hide in the Creative Art Magazine club (GEEK CLUB) with fellow Geeks. (Sad. I don't even remember who were other members or what they look like. I was so deep in my own little world)
There's really only one person that I'm curious to see - But what are the chances of him attending the reunion?!

Oh gosh.

Oh well.

On another note. I recently attended the open call for SMTOWN Global Audition. And like, we (yeah. Fanny, Song Birdy and Aaron went too) waited from 2:40pm til almost 5:30pm that we get to go in and audition.

Unexpected. I didn't know they are going to audition 10 people at once. Everyone go though their talent one by one (some sang, some dance, some modeled). I did a short monologue - but act, the person who auditions... Doesn't speak English. (SMTOWN = Korean Talent Management) SO, the entire time I felt like I was speaking to a phantom.
After everyone did their stuff, the entire group get to do free style dance. I saw it was a chance to REDEEM myself. Basically, to SHOW OFF myself... So, as soon as the music starts, I jumped out and danced like this:

Yeah. Or worst. Aaron and Song Birdy were like... "Oh My Gawd. Wayne, you act totally...G...."

Uh, okay. I guess I sure left the Judges some STRONG impression...

But after that - I really started to think... Is it a good thing or a bad thing to 'Queen Out?' I did it sort of naturally whenever I'm around my 'sistahs.' I dont know. A part of me felt that I should be and act whatever that I want to be. Yet, the other part of me, felt that I should be more reserved - consider I don't necessary know how people would react to me at certain places.

Or even, do I want to out myself constantly?

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