Thursday, August 03, 2006

So the note on the door says...

"We are unable to repair the Air Conditioner. So, the Air Conditioner will not be available for the rest of the Summer."

And I was like, "What the f**k!"

The fact is, the Air Conditioner has been down at my apartment for the last three weeks. (And why did it happened when New York is experiencing the mass Heat Wave?!) We have been waiting for the A/C to be fixed... We have endured endless sauna-like nights.

We couldn't sleep.

It was just damn too hot and humid.

Last night, the sis show me her magical alarm clock, which keep tracks of the temperature in the house.

97 Degrees.

So, we ordered a portable A/C online.... Later today, we are going out to find another portable A/C....

Hotta... Hotta... So Hotta...

Other news...

"Being Pregnanted is Awesome!!" (Thank you Anna Nicole. My English wasn't that bad after all.)

Well, certainly I'm not pregant, but I've gain some weights... FOr some reason, my waist size jumped from 32" to 34".... ahhh. i need to stay away from the chocolates!!!

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