Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who is that?

Some of you have probably seen this ad in local magazines or even billboards...

It's the Levis Jeans campaign - where ordinary people with ordinary profession can look hot in jeans.

Well, Mr. Leo is the most recent addition to the line of Professionals who just happaned to look amazingly HOT in Levis jeans.

His professional, as decribed on the ad, said that he's an Electrician.

Have you seen an electician *THIS* gorgeous? - Well, probably. But this Electrician looked so good, that he should be a model.

Well, ladies and gentlemen - I would like to introduce you... The one and only Leo Peixoto - The eye candy of the week, who is also representated by Ford Models Brazilian Division.

homem considerĂ¡vel!

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Hanna said...

Gosh u saved my life.