Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Whose Face do you see...

When you see this?

And please don't say "YOU" or "Wayne." - because you've not seen me flying around NAKEd.......(yet)

Well, it's one of those We-Don't-Get-The-Day-Off-Work Holidays. St. Valentine's Day.
That's right. Where red hearts and chocolates can be seen all over the street. And probalby the next day, we see more Yellow tagging along the REDs. (Valentine's Item on SALE)

What am I going to do to celebrate the V-day today?


Cause Paw and I celebrated the V-day this past Friday and Saturday.

on Friday, we went to a pretty high-end restaurant, for some over-priced bird food. The quanity wasn't enough to filled 1/5 of my tummy. But it was okay, we stuffed ourselves with dinner rolls and butter.

But it was sweet, cause I get to see Paw. Despite the busy week that we had.

Then on Saturday, we went on a mini-road trip - and had some bad experience with the customer service there. And the drive-back was snowy-ish tough.

But that's okay, because I get to drop my lip balm several times.

By the time I got home, it was close to 4am. But I went to bed with memories of sweet kisses and.... Uh, lip balms.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day, everyone. Muahs to you all!

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