Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Water Brings Wealth

Do you know that in traditional Chinese superstitions, "Rain" is suppose to bring Wealth?

At least, the farmers thought so.

In ancient China, crops were valued equally as gold.

At least, the farmers thought so. (I mean, unless one of them discovered a gold mine, then heck ya, gold is numbah one)

Anyway - in order for all the farm goods to grow tall and juicy, the farmers would water them on a daily basis. During the drought season, the farmers would pray to Gods to send the rain dragon. Once the rain comes, the crop will grow yummy and more juicy, then the farmers can sell them for the bling blings.

In modern time, the supertitions for rain had evolved into water.

Water brings Wealth.

At least, that's what Feng Shui says.
(I'm an Astrology freak. Haven't study much in Feng Shui, but my Dad is a guru)

Usually in Chinese (or Asian) Retaurants, you will either see a fish tank, a small pot with bamboo, marball rolling on a small fountain, water dripping small fountain, water jumping small fountain, water going in circles small fountain and regular small water fountain.

They all contain water.

Water brings Wealth.

Water brings Money.

At least, that's what the resturant/store owners believed.

Me too, I have an aritifical fish tank at my desk.

Anyway, the point is, I have always felt that I have some type of special power.

Even though I'm an Earth Sign (and Earth Snakie) - I've always felt that I have the ability to bring customers to stores.

There were several times, where after I entered an empty store or a restaurant... Within 10 minutes, there'd be 4, 5 or more customers walking in.

Maybe I have good Chemistry with most stores.

Or that I bring "Water" to them.

(Does that mean I'm a water fairy now?)

- - -

Over the Holidays, family and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate Christmas. One of the most amazing thing in Vegas, is that in the Casino, they clean the public restroom every 10-15 minutes. So the place always smell heavenly, and the toilet seats are marble clean.

I still use the toilet covers though. (2 layers!)

So after I stuffed myself at the buffet, I felt the need to go release some dough. I went into the Men's Room located at the Penny Slot Machines - and found myself to be the only one there.

Lucky Me.

I hate it when there are other people around. I get nervous and couldn't pee or poo.

I went directly to the stall.

Wipe the toilet seat clean with the tissue paper.

Layered 2 toilet sheet covers on the seats.

Un-buckle my blet.

Un-zip the zipper.

And gently and slowly slide my fingers in between my sheer skin and the polyster boxers... And slow pull down.

I sat down and started to do my business.

All of the sudden, I heard the door opened. Some walked in and went directly to the stall next to mine.

Without even using the toilet seat paper (I didn't hear the seat cover paper sound), that guy sat down and started to fart poo juice into the toilet bowl (I heard the splattering sound).

Wet ones.


While the waterfall continues to pour into the toilet pond, I heard noises from the other stall.

Someone must went into the other stall while I was distracted by the Poo Juice Man.

Then I heard the familiar un-zipping sound.

The toilet paper cumbles.

Follow by a man's voice.


The he too, started to fart poo juice into the toilet bowl.

Great. Another wet one.

And the poor me, got stuck in between two giant Poo-Falls, had to endure the sound and the smell of squirting sh*tz.

This is what I called... The "Double Dragon."

- - -

I bring the Water.

Water brings Gold.

Gold is also Feces. (An old Chinese saying)

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