Monday, January 09, 2006

The Best Revenge

Ricky glanced at his watch. It was already 8:30 PM
"Okay, Bobby," he said to the sleepy-eyed little boy snuggling against his side.
He shifted uneasily in his seat, knowing Jack would have a fit if Bobby was still awake when he called.
"Time for bed. You know Daddy doesn't like it when I let you stay up later than eight o'clock." He nudged Bobby one more time, hoping to wake him enough to go to bed himself.
"But I don't want to go to bed yet," Bobby protested.


Wayne grinned as he print copies of Brian's book.

Wayne had plotted the best revenge.

If the company blocks him from access the wonderful world of BLOGs, then he's going to waste and use any much company resources as possible.

In this case, he's printing Second Chances using company paper & printer ink.

TWO copies. To be exact. Just in case he lost the first copy, he can always use the 2nd copy as a back up.

Ah... This revenge sure is sweet.

Next, Wayne plans to use the company water.

Yes, the company water.

He's going to start washing his HAIR again @ company restrooms.

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