Thursday, October 13, 2005


Unlike the title of this post, this is going to be a bitter entry...

MAG, as I may have mentioned whenever I write about my workplace. Not that I enjoy writing about her - It's the fact that she's always around... ME.
It's not that she's a b*tch, mean, gossipy or smell bad - Mag is actually a naive nice woman who just doesn't know how to READ people.

I think I've told this story to Groove... But now, I'm going to blog about it. (No no no, this story is not THIS engry. This is for your reference)

I drink Green Tea all the time at work.

Before we moved to Jersey City, there would Green Tea bags in the Kitchen.

Of course, being a Princess-N-All, I brought my own Green Tea. *ahem* My own TAZO Green Tea. (Note: 1 Box of Tazo Tea = 2 Boxes of Lipton Tea. Yeah, talking about Shamless-High Class Princess)
Not that I would go out and buy myself boxes of Tazo tea - They were gifts from Mom.

Anyway, after the move, the only Green Tea that's avilable at the kitchen is the Macha-style Green Tea. Where the tea leaves were grind into fine powder, and mixed with water. (Instead of drinking tea leave juice, you'll be drinking the leaves!)

But not everyone enjoys the unique taste of Macha Green Tea.

Mag, dranked it for the first coulpe of weeks, then she got tired of the taste.

So, once a week, she would came to my desk and asks.....

Mag: "Wayne... Do you have any Green Tea? I'm feeling a little sick..."

Then I gave her a tea bag.

The following week....

Mag: "Wayne... Do you have any Green Tea? My throat is a bit sore..."

I gave her a tea bag.

The following-following week...

Mag: "Wayne... Do you have any Green Tea? The tea in the kitchen makes me feel sick..."

The Week before I went on my China-Trip...

Mag: "Wayne... Oh, what would I do without you? We are going to miss you so much!! Oh, by the way, got any Green Tea?"

Something ticked-off in the back of my head. There were only 24 bags in one TAZO box. And I've only had 2 bags since I brought the box in...

Out of frustration. I opened my drawer, open the box, and dug out all the remaining Green Teas and shoveled them into her hand.

Wayne: "There. That's all I have left."

Mag: "Oh, all I need is one..."

Wayne: "Doesn't matter. Next week, you will want one anyway. These should be enough for the few weeks that I'm gone."

Her face flushed.

The annoying secretary stood up and said... "Yeah, just give them to her. That will last a long long time."

Wayne: "Yeah, just take it all. You might as well grow you own 'GREEN TREE.' So you make your own tea!!"

(I know. That was mean. But I was frustrated and in a cranky mood.)

Mag: "Uh... Thanks..."

Then she went back to her cubical.

After that, she stopped asking for Tea bags - even after I returned from the trip.

But recently... Ms. Mag has been on my nerves with HONEY.

Two weeks ago, my co-worker went to an Amish market and got me a $4.00 PURE Natural CLOVER HONEY.

And I only had 1 teaspoon of it... Since I got it... Then...

Mag: "Wayne, can I have some HONEY?"

Then she would take MY plastic spoon and dug some out of the jar.

It has been 4 days already, but she came and ask for HONEY.

What should I do?

(I wanted go to to the local market and get her some cheap honey, so she will stop bugging me. But then, why should I spend money on HER?!)


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