Friday, September 23, 2005

The Ny-Effect

Before I go onto today's post, here are some public announcement:

1) Thank you Jase. For the lovely post card. The postal office was holding our mail during the vacation. We just got everything back this past weekend. (Sorry, but my a$$ is orchid, not grass.)

2) Yes. You're right. The pictures are not ready yet.

3) W O R K sux.

4) Today is the first day of Fall. You ready?

5) *Cough* *Cough* I'm F**KING sick. Everyone here at work is sick. Everyone's coughing.

Anyway, *cough* I'm sick. Sick. Sick. Sick. To be specific, the entire row of cubes here are filled with coughing noises. We're all sick. But I'm the first person to develope into full-bloom Flu.


Cause I'm a fragile delicate little pretty pretty Princess. (See Jon, I told you) Well, I lied about the 'pretty pretty' part. Since I have huge zit in between my eyes, I should only use one 'pretty' not two. Okay, so I'm a fragile delicate little pretty Princess with a zit in between the eyes and coughs like a goat. (Wait, does that make me sound like Stevie Nick?)

Oh sh*t, did I make a grammar mistake?!

Ding. Ding. Welcome to America. The boat has landed. Now, please proceed to Chinatown Sweatshop.

So last night, I wanted to sleep through the sickness. I drank lot of water (got a fish belly now) and took two Nyquil soft Gels before bed.

And guess what?

I couldn't sleep.

I was flipping and stretching and rolling on my bed.

I switched my pillow. I switched my clothes (well, I took them off)

I opened the window. Put on new blanket.

I did some Yoga stretches.

I laid on my back.

Then onto my belly.

To the side.

I simply couldn't sleep.

The the burst of Sun light first strike the window, I was up way before my alarm clocks had the chance to Beep. I took a nice shower, took my sweet time with my hair then woke the Female Love Bird up.

I managed the catch the Cute Boy train (I will explain this in future post) - and napped my way to the city. To Jersey City, that is. I wasn't feeling well though. I felt... Rather spaced out. I couldn't even remember how I made it down the stairs and across the platform, or if there were any hotties around.

But I didn't feel drunk though.

At work, when the clock hit the 10:17AM mark - my body started to fall asleep.

I was very sleepy.

My head was so heavy, that I had to lean back on my chair all-the-way, and rest my head at the edge of the desk.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt my body drifting away to La La Land.

OH SH*T. I'm at WORK!!!

I jumped.

Struggled my way to the kitchen to have some coffee... (I had 6 cups)

Crawled my way back to my desk.

SO what I did in the next 15 minutes?

Yes. I went to the restroom and had my 15 minutes nap.

And I went there 4 times. Thank gawd there were no one taking any stinky sh*t around my stall.

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