Friday, August 12, 2005

Am I suppose to be here?

"Hey, you're a little short."

I turned my head and look at the guy who made that comment.

"Yeah. I know." I responded. But I had something else in mind.

Height is not the issue here... But...

I looked up at the lady behind the table.

"My agent sent me. I don't know anything about this audition. Do I fit the type that you guys are looking for?"

She looked at the guy next to her.

He looked at me.

"If we are doing a photo shoot, you can be sitting on a chair or something."

No, dumb-arse, that's not what I'm worrying about.

"Should I sign in?"



Then I grabbed an application started to fill it up.

There were already a group of 'talents' waiting to get auditioned (interviewed).

Men and Women of different sizes.

Well, the men were mostly big, tall, and very muscular.
THe women ranged from tall, short, plus size to ultra thin. But majority of them are gorgeous fashion models.

After I finished filling up the application, I went back to the front table.

I couldn't resist... But to ask the man:

"So... Uh... What kind of magazine is this?"

"Urban. Very Urban. Urban Fashion Magazine. We'll have spreads on clothes lines like Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Phat Farm and Babyphat..."

"Oh... I see"

Dear Reader, if you are not familiar with an 'Urban Magazine' - here are some examples:

Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about

I felt very 'WHITE' among the African American models there.

Heck, I'm an Actor, not a model. What the f**k am I do'ing here?

I don't have that gangsta thuggish rough rough look.
I don't have abs.
I don't have hot pecs like that hot guy there.

I almost felt like I was glowing in the dark. Seriously. People were looking at me funny.

They must be thinking What in the world is this Chino doing here?

Anyway, after 1 hour, my number was finally called. I went in, took a quick snap shot. Then sat with the interviewer.

Helooked at me.

I looked back.

Then I leaned forward, and whispered..."Excuse me... Am I the *ONLY* male talent who showed up at today's audition?"

He smiled.



And nope. I didn't get any call backs from them.

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