Monday, June 13, 2005

A Reminder

Like a typical day - that after work, I went on the Red line train, and proceed to head to Penn Station. There were no air at all. The heat, bodly smell, and the constant chatty noise almost drove me nuts.

I could feel the sweat rolling down my back, soaking my white tanktop.

It's not fun to go to work wearing the freakin' suit.

Hand hand holding onto the pole, and the other on my bag. I blank-stared at the advertisment in front of me.

A Beer Ad.

Argh, just a couple more stops then I can get out of this train.

Then the train arrived at 14th Street. 20% of the people on the train got out - leaving more room for me move around. But just when the door started to close, a man shouted in a very heavy Chinese accent.

"Give me back my money!"

Everyone turned.

An Asian male, with a big backpack on his back, a yellow hat on his head, stood near the nearly=-closed droor.

"He took my money!"

A woman yelled..."Give him back his money."

After that, two other passengers yelled the same thing.

A tall, buff-looking, nice build hot body business man marched forward and forced the door open with his muscular arms.

He dashed out, seemed to be chasing after the thief.

The Asian man with the yellow hat, followed him in a much slower paste.

That tall handsome blond hair, blue eyes business man ran up the stairs and left the Asian man behind him. The Asian man stood frozen at the center of the platform. Clueless. Aimless. He didn't know what to do.

The train door closed. Everyone resumed to what they were doing before the incident.

I lower my head, and prayed that the business man-stud would catch the thief un-harmed.

. . . . . . . .

Suddenly, I remembered that I'm in New York.

New York. The dangerous New York.

The New York that I was terrified of 3 years ago.

My body shivers as I grabbed onto my bag tight.

I must have gotten used to living in New York. I have been letting my guard down.

This is New York! This New York!! I reminded myself again as I got off the train.

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