Saturday, May 07, 2005

End of the Road

My dad told me once, that life, is like walking on a very long road. Sometimes you may walk pass a cherry blossom tree, that dazzles our eyes and make us feel good. Yet there are times where the road leads to a dry desert. No water, No signs of life and the burning Sun makes the road tough to walk.

There are people who refuse to make the desert their last stop. Some fought against the harsh environment and continue on. Yet there are some who went backward, back to the road they've already stumbled on.

It is our choice, to continue walking or stopped and make it the end of the road.


I've really enjoy the trip down the road with Paw. - And I don't think I will let that go easily.

Paw and I have decided to hold onto each other's hand, and go down our road as far as we can.


I've always trying to be tough, strong and a Ms. Know-it all. Among my friends, I'm usually the one who give advices and encouragements.

But it's always easy to say than done.

I realized I wasn't really in-control of myself. I tend to with-held a lot of things in me. One by one, each of them stack up like a pile of sh*t - until one day, the sh*t pit couldn't hold the sh*t anymore. Then all the sh*t burst out of the pit and made a mess all over. (Capricorns tend to do this - the helding of emotion, not the sh*tting part)

I allowed my own suspecision, insecurity, and imagination mix like a cocltail. Then I shook it, blend it and let it build up until to the point where I became disillusioned - and believing in something that was never there.

I pretty much lead myself to self-destruction.

I just have to learn, not too think too much. Not to think over-board.

Life is too short, why make it so complicated?

(And I bet Dr. Phil has a huge pile of sh*t at home)

I'm glad that I managed to take part in last night's GB:NY2 at Barrage. Even though it was brief, but smooching, groping, rubbing, ****ing with the bloggers were very comforting.

You see, the blogger creatures have natural ability to make people feel good. Physically and emotionally.

So, whenever you have the chance, you should either smooch, grope, rub, or anything wild that comes up to your mind, with a blooger.

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