Thursday, May 19, 2005

Batman: I work alone.

It was not until recently, the female love bird, her friend Tiffy and my Co-worker Mag found out that I make & sell beaded bracelets online.

The Female Love Bird: "Oh, I didn't know that you make these!"

Wayne: "Uh huh..."

The Female Love Bird: "How come you didn't make me one?"

Wayne: "Cause you don't wear them."

The Female Love Bird: "Oh, right. Well, I can help you make them."

Wayne: "I'm an one-man trooper." (This is a one-woman show)


Tiffy: "Ah! I didn't know you make the bracelets!"

Wayne: "Uh Huh..."

Tiffy: "I want to be part of it. I can help you make lots of them."

Wayne: "Well, the business is slow... I'm just starting..."

Tiffy: "I've always wanted to do this..."

Wayne: "......."

Tiffy: "Where did you get the beads? And the materials? and..."

Wayne: "So, have you decided what you want to orde? (Changing the subject)"

Tiffy: "Oh yeah, I'm going to get the Sirlion steak."


Mag: "Ah! You never told me!"

Wayne: "Well, now you know."

Mag: "How come you didn't invite me into the business?"

Wayne: "Huh...?"

Mag: "I can help you make them!"

Wayne: "......................"

Mag: "And..."

Wayne: "Wel, let's just say that I haven't make enough profits to over the material expenses."

Mag: "Oh, right."

Wayne: "You'll get a bracelet for your Birthday. So, which type of stones or enhancements you would like to have in your life?" (I work alone, Mag.)


What's up with all these..."I want to be part of your business" thing? - I mean, if I needed a business partner, I would have hired Paw. I mean, what else is better than counting beads, making bracelets and have wild sex all at the same time?

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