Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Candy Oracle

Thank you, Heidi. This morning, while I was force-feeding myself with your candies - I realized that I have forgotten how important it is to smile.

Even though the candies taste like tooth paste, they did have pretty designed shape. Now wonder Heidi can be a supermodel. Even with the crappy candy in her mouth, she could still smile like an angel.

If she can do it, so can I.


Dad called this morning.

"It's just so uncomfortable not seeming him on the counter this morning." said my Dad over the phone.

Ever since his retirement, he had spent most of his time with Elf. Everyday, he would routinely take Elf out to the yard, prepare breakfast for him and dust his basket.

"It's just so empty."

Mom called from work as well. Among us four, she had been with Elf the longest, in terms of days. During college year, the Female Love Bird and I had to move to San Diego and could only visit Elf over the weekend. But for mom, she took care of Elf from he first arrived at our house.

"I think he went prepared. Just two days ago, when I was shampooing him, I had the feeling that it was the last time I get to shampoo him. I even cleaned his ears and trimmed his fur. He even gets to walk around the yard before his last moment. Dad and I were both present. He looked very peaceful, like he was sleeping with his head leaning on the side of the basket."

We've decided not to get another pet. Mainly because we feel that we cannot handle another separation. Besides, For 17 years, Elf had been an important member in our family, we want him to be the one and last pet we will ever have. For this generation, at least.

Life can be cruel at times, but that's the way life is. No one lives forever. I think I still need more time before I can fully hold back my tears at the sight of Elf's picture.

I'm sure Elf and I will meet again. Either in heaven or in the next life.

We will walk under the Sun together, again.

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