Monday, February 07, 2005

Restaurant of the Day

Moroccan Restaurant & Lounce
304 E. 6th Street
New York, NY 10003

This past weekend, the Male Love Bird, Rosey (his Journalist Friend) and I went around the city taking pictures. (Rose is putting together a traveling book) Because of her passion for Belly Dancing, we've decided to check out one of the most exotic (and hard to find) restaurants that features Belly Dancing as it's unique event. For Zerza, it's every Friday and Saturday evening at 10 and 11PM.

Too bad, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant prior to Zerza... So, there's nothing to report on their entreez. However, I did order a pot of their Moroccan Mint Tea, and it was delicious.

When the clock strikes 10:00PM, she showed up. It was not like what we were expecting. We didn't realize Zerza's "Belly Dancing Event" was more like, a belly dancer running around twisting her body in front of the people... And it was pretty awesome. (Heh. We were sort of looking forward to see a full dance-troop of belly dancers, but again, we forgot this takes place in a small restaurant)

Nadia (the dancer) was great. Very fun. She would wrap her veil around a customer's head, and guide him/her out of the chair... And dance with her.

The Male Love Bird had no problem. Since he's a natural dance machine. Rosey, well, she had extensive training... She had no problem as well.

Oh, and what about me? Well, Nadia walked PASSED me several times... I guess she realized I'm a bigger threat to her 'Goddess Quality' - that she didn't give me the chance to stole her spotlight.

But damn, the techno-belly dance music got me all hyped up. I couldn't stop shaking my a$$ under the table. So exotic, so erotic!!

Too bad, her performance didn't last too long.

And did I mention the hot Middle Eastern boys who were at the restaurant?

Damn Yum!!

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