Friday, January 07, 2005

Eye Candy of the Day: The Hannibal King

Friend: Have you seen Blade Trinity?

Wayne: Nope. But I got the bootleg DVD this morning.

Friend: Ryan Reynolds is so F**King hot in the movie.

Wayne: He used to be very skinny in Van Wilder.

Friend: He is so sexy now. The Vampire Hunter-Stud.

Wayne: Yeah, I know. But can this Vampire Hunter-Stud stand a man in heat?

Friend: What do you mean?

Wayne: I'd take him down, any time, any where, any position.

Friend: He'll shoot you.

Wayne: And that would be a problem? You think that will stop me?

Friend: You are weird.

Wayne: Damn Alanis.

Friend: I bet they have sex every day.

Wayne: If you are Alanis, would you?

Friend: Damn her.

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