Monday, November 01, 2004

Is it too Dark?

Okay, guys, this only happens once every four years. And a great chance to get rid of that stinger that has been making me urine on my pants.


Vote, guys. Vote.

Anyway, talking about Halloween; Trick-Or-Treat. Reminded me about nasty little kids who are into PUNK'in innocent people.

I remember there was one time, when I was still a young tender sweet soft-hearted boy, I stumped into someone's evil plot. Well, let's say it was a group of evil little kids.

It took place at this Chinese school that I went to during High School years. Due to school construction, the school had to rent empty rooms at a business building for the weekend. For all of us, it was refreshing. Nice clean carpet on the floor, functional air conditioner, and high-quality desks. (No Boogers under the seats! Yay!!) The students were very excited that day. Including myself.

After the first morning session, we were sent free to get whatever we want for lunch. (Taco Bell anyone?) Since I wasn't hungry, I've decided to check out the building.

A group of younger students ran passed me in the hallway.

They were giggling.

Two more kids, were running toward me from the end of the hallway.

They were giggling too.

I got very curious, so I proceed to check out what was there.


So the restroom is located at the end of this hallway. There were some voices coming out from the men's room.

I opened the door, and only found that the room was filled with darkness.

Someone had turned off the restroom light.

"Bastards!!! A$$holes!!!!!"

A man's voice came from corner.

I turned on the light and saw two legs underneath the stall door. There were some newspapers sitting next to his feet.

So that was why the kids were giggling. They turned off the lights in the restroom while the man was reading the papers.

I asked... "Uh, is everything okay?"

The man yelled: "*&(#$&!(*)$&*(#&$*(!#$&(#*$&*($&(@)#!!!!!!!!"

"Excuse me? I didn't do anything."

"You son of a B*TCh. Damn F**Ker!!"

I ignored the man. I went to the urinal, did my business, and then washed my hands at the sink.

I then dried my hands with the paper towels and made sure they were properly tossed into the waste basket.

The man behind the stall, filled with fire, continued with his curses.

Nasty remarks echo from wall to wall.

Let out a little sigh, I walked out of the bathroom.

Then, for some reason, as if I was being controlled by an unknown force; I re-entered the bathroom.

"Sorry. I forgot to turn off the light."

I flipped the switch, shut off the light and closed the door.

It felt so good when I heard "What the HELL!!" from the other side of the door.

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