Monday, October 18, 2004

whose line is it?

Let's just say, I have been very un-lucky since the beginning of September. When the nasty flu first took over my fragile body. Then, the broken ankle. Follow by that, I have slipped over the metro card, argued with rude people over parking spot, silk tie jammed up in the zipper... spill juice all over wooden floor... And most recently, the encounter with rude stranger.

This took place on Sunday, where the Female Love Bird and I went to Flushing Mall. I sat down at one of the empty tables at the Food Court, while the sis went to grab food.

All of the sudden, an unidentified Asian man, with news paper in his hand, sat down next to me. Without turning his head, he proceeds to read his paper.

My eye brows rose as I look at the back of his head.

What the heck is he sitting here for?
Didn't he see me?
This is a table for two. Me and my sister, damn it.
Excuse me? What are you doing here?

Thoughts went back and forth in my head, as I glared at him.

But, for some reason, words wouldn't come out of my mouth.

I eyed the Female Love Bird as she walked toward the table carrying the food tray.

She looked at me.

I looked back.

Then I looked over to the stranger man.

She looked at the stranger man and looked back at me.

Slowly, she places the tray on the table.

The man didn't move. He was still reading the paper.

"Excuse me." she said.

"We are expecting our friends to join us later. Would you mind moving to another table?"

He man looked up, he paused a bit, then grabbed his stuff and moved to another table.

The Female Love Bird sat down, and said..."Some people are so weird these days."

I looked at her..."Strange. I didn't know how to react to it earlier."

"Maybe you look weak, being a handicapped."

"I dunno..."

But the thing is, I could have said the same thing she said. But at that moment, I almost seemed to be intimidated by the stranger. I could have whacked the man with my Fendi bag and tell him to F**K off. But I didn't. I couldn't.

Similar thing happened when I broke my wrist few years back. During the month of recovery, I didn't talk much. I actually avoided interacting with other students unless I had to.

I seemed to have lost the confident that I once had. The B*tch in me seemed to have wondered off to the local Sephoria. Could my disadvantage cause this? Is it just me? Or I'm just a passive person? How come Lindsey Lohan's boobs are all over the place?

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