Monday, August 23, 2004

Song Bird Adventure

So Fanny called, and told me that on Saturday, he had to go some kind of Singing contest, and will not be able to hang out until later.

Wayne over the phone: "Why, sweetheart. Thank you for inviting me."

Fanny: "Ah, do you want to come? I'll go pick you up tomorrow."

Wayne: "Oh really? Only at your convenience!!"

I guess I self-invite myself there. Guilty trip is lovely, sometimes, when dealing with people like Fanny. They are just too nice. (tsk tsk tsk, I'm such a naughty girl.)

But anyway, Fanny has a set of awesome (and sexy deep) voice. Every time when we go to Karaoke, it's always a treat to hear him sing.

So, Fanny heard about the contest from David, whom I've never met. But I'll cheer for him as well. (Yep. I can't sing SH*T. But I can sure cheer!)

On Saturday morning, Fanny came and picked me up. It took us 30 minutes to arrive at Flushing, Queens. (I gave him the wrong direction, so he had to make extra turn)

"Hello?" Fanny picked up the cell phone.

"Oh, okay."

"We're almost there."


David called, he was still in bed.

No matter. If necessary, I can get a number for him.

Fanny seemed pretty clam, for someone who's anticipating a contest. And that's exactly what all contestants need to be. Upon arriving at the registration booth, we found out that this 'process of elimination' will air on National Satellite TV. (On a Chinese TV channel)

Face red. Fanny put down the registration form.

"Wayne, let's go."


"I don't want to do this contest."

"And I wake up early in the morning for nothing. You B*tch."

"I don't think this is a good idea."

Then, being the Mama Fairy that I yam, I started to lecture him on how people are given chances, and they will never know what would have happen if they never take them. Besides, what's there to loose? His parents don't subscribe to Satellite TV, none of his friends do. So none of them will see him.

I grabbed a registration form, and a pen.

"Fanny, I'm so tired. I need to sit down."

So, I dragged Fanny into the waiting room. Then David arrived.

After a brief chat, both of them filled up the form.

***** Skips the part where we went out, and then came back ******

Lady at the registration table: "Because we are filming in the room, we don't allow family and friends go to in."

Wayne, his jaw dropped. "WHAT?! I came all the way from Long Island to cheer for my friends... And..."

Fanny: "Why don't you sign up? So we can be in the same group."

I looked at Fanny.

Then I looked at David.

I grabbed a pen, and got a form from the lady... And fill it up in a heart beat.

To be continued...

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