Monday, August 09, 2004

Murder He Wrote

"SCOTT!" Wayne screamed as he came to work.

On the top of the desk, Scott, aka Cyclops, was found.

Wayne: "SCOTT!!!! SCOTT!!!!!!"

"What Happened?! Are you Okay?!"

Then... From the corner of the table... A voice came.

"I know what happened. I know everything."

Wayne turned his head toward the source of the voice.

Wayne's Christmas Sheep: "I know who pushed Cyclops off the shelf. I saw everything."

Wayne's Christmas Sheep: "He fell. High above."

Wayne's Christmas Sheep: "Spiderman Jr., Wolverine and Venom tried to save him. But they couldn't. They weren't fast enough."

Wayne: "Who did it?! Who!?"

Wayne's Christmas Sheep: "Them! Them! It was Hulk and that Unidentified Mutant!! I saw them looking down from above. They pushed Scott off the edge!!"

Hulk: "Err... Excuse me?"

Unidentified Mutant: "I'm innocent."

Hulk: "Yeah. Me too."

Wayne: "Is that true?"

Wayne turns to Spiderman Sr.

Spiderman Sr. "I Dunno. I'm on Vacation."

Then... All of the sudden...

Cyclops: "Wayne. I'm fine. You forgot that I'm made of rubber? I won't break even if I fell from toilet seat onto the marble floor."

Wayne: "Ah, good to know that you're okay."

Cyclops, slowly, climbed up to the shelf, and back to where he was.

Magneto and the *Other* Unidentified Mutant greeted him.

Cyclops: "They boys are innocent. They have nothing to do with my fall."

Hulk: "Thanks man."

The first Unidentified Mutant: "Yeah dude."

Wayne on his chair and resume his work.

Then... after 2 minutes.... Wayne heard a scream.

Magneto: "SCOTT! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

As if he was Zhang Ziyi, in her last scene in 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon', Scott bounced out of the shelf, and went flying down toward the surface of the desk.

Wayne: "Damn Tape."

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