Thursday, June 17, 2004

Morning Crotch

Have you ever been so close to a crotch on a subway? And I mean, not your own crotch... But a crotch of a blonde hair girl.

For some reason, the subway wasn't as crowded this morning. Perhaps, I just happened to step onto the platform at the right time --- Most people probably squeezed their asses in the previous train.

I stepped into the cool-air filled train and scanned around.

Nope. no Eye Candies.

Still trying to get back in shape, I remained standing next the pole. The empty seats continued to wave at me... Signaling me to sit, kick back and let my ass grow...

No. None of that. I said. Sushil/Lana and Guru are visiting next month... I don't want to turn into a ball.

Two stops had passed. I stood next to the door motionless. I'd probably blanked out.

Then all of the sudden, I felt a something thrusting against my thigh. I turned to my right and saw...

A lean slender leg wrapped in pink sweat tights was curling around the pole... The same pole that I grabbed on.

I turned my head.... Not sure if I should blush or move out of the way. But this girl was on her back, leaned her back against the empty seats... and totally spreading her legs apart...

Far Apart.

Stretching? Maybe. The way she dressed... Looked like she was ready to attend a dance class.

Still on her back, she wrapped her left arm under her head... To support her neck and then twisted her right side forward...

Exposing her curves.

Then she swung her leg back... And again, exposing her crotch area directly at me.

OH MY...

Then she flicked her blonde curls with her fingers.

Who does she think she is? Anna Nicole?

Her legs continued to twist and swing back and forth...

I really had no idea if I should step away or tell her to behave like a Lady on a public transportation.

Then the train arrived at the next stop. The man next to her stood up and grabbed her hand.

"Jenny, it's our stop"

She sat up, holding her Daddy's hand and both of them walked out of the train.

Gee, I didn't realize how a 5 years old girl can be *THIS* wild in today's world.

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