Monday, May 24, 2004

Cold Stare, Back Stabbing

*Sigh* For some reason, my big big boss found out about me, submitting my resume to transfer to another unit...

Especially the head of the other unit is one of the enemies of my current big big boss.

Damn, HR!

It all started after I came back from the corporate Human Resource office. It was for the interview for the same job position, at another unit.

I had no clue who was in charge of the other unit. All I wanted was to transfer to another location where I would be less stressed.

The problem is, everything should be a confidential process. I, had the chance to find out who I might be working for in the future... It turned out to be my old boss from last year. (Old Boss used to work under Big Big Boss, and then later the Big Big Boss abandoned him and his crew for the new Unit) For a sensitive person that I yam, I immediately thought about the politics that this may involved. Maybe, the reason that I was considered for the new job was a way for the Old Boss to get back at the Big Big Boss.

Anyway, I like the old environment better. Better building, better desk and a cafeteria inside of the building.


The next day, my manager called...

"WAYNE! Congratulation!!"

"Huh? What?"

"I heard that you got hired!! This is good news!! You are advancing!"

"Uh... Where you heard that from...?"

"I was on the phone with BIG BIG Boss and she told me that."


"Uh... But I haven't accept any offer... yet"



"Really...? So.. uh... Okay. Hrm, what kind of position is it?"

"The same thing. Same job title, same pay, but different unit."

"Which Unit?"


"Who are you going to work for?"

"... You know... the guy that I used to report to..."


"Old Boss."

"*gasp* Old Boss?! But...."

*** 20 seconds of silence ***

"Big Big Boss just transferred out of that Unit, you know that."

"I know."

"What... What will you be doing there? I mean, what project? Do they have any projects?"

"I... I don't really know..."

(As far as I know, transferring back to the old unit is more like a down-grade than what I am currently at. Because currently, we belong to the system design group - where the old unit is mainly filled with clerical works)

"Well, Wayne, do what makes you happy."

"Believe me, it's nothing personal."

"Oh, I know, don’t worry."

"Yeah, but I don't know how Big Big Boss heard about this..."

"From the HR."

"But I haven't made my decision yet!"

Then I got called to the BIG BIG BOSS' office....

Anyway, the cut the story short... My Big Big Boss doesn't like traitors, and by all means, I didn't mean to betray her. I didn't even know that the unit that I applied for belonged to the Old Boss.

The problem is, the BIG BIG Boss now knows that I've planned to leave the unit... Even if I stayed, she'll work me like a dog... Or even, send me directly to H*llpit...

What's keeping me here is that my sister also works in the unit, and both of my Mangers are super cool. (Despite the fact that I have getting lots of stress)

As for the new unit, I'd be working with the biggest lazy B*tch that I have ever known.

I thought I have more time to think about it, but the stupid miscommunication between the Human Resource Representatives leaves me very little choice...

The rumor spread like tar... People have been acting weird around me... As if I'm a big traitor...

I don't like this.

Sigh, my head hurts.

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