Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Coming back from the lower east side, I stepped down to the subway where I can catch the J, M, Z train back to work.

While waiting for the train to arrive, I noticed a group of people (mixed with Men and Woman) were chatting. I quickly spotted the hottest one of them all.

He's really cute.

I mean, Yeah, even with the goatee. He's really cute. Really reminded me of my crush Jonathan from college. (Except this guy is more buff... And just damn HOT!)

Great, I thought. That I won't be bored while riding in the train. I got some eye-candy to keep my mind busy.

The [J] train arrived shortly.

I stepped onto the train, and sat myself down near the exit. (Great area to sit, because I can lean shoulder against the pole)

Watching the men coming in and out of the exit, I secretly was hopping that Mr. Cutie will sit some where across from me... So I don't have to check out his face via the reflection of the window.

Then, like a miracle. He sat down NEXT to me.

Wow, I have never sat so close to an eye candy before.

40 seconds into the ride...

Out of blue, he turned to me.

Eye Candy: "Hey, How you doing there?"


Wayne: "Uh... Alright. I'm doing alright." (Wow, a talking Eye Candy!)

Eye Candy: "Must be a long day. You looked tired."

Wayne: "Yeah... A bit tired." (Oh My Gawd! He's talking to me!)

Eye Candy: "Well, my name is Brandon."

And he reached over and shook my hand.

Wayne: "Wayne." (I TOUCHED HIM!! WOW! WARM AND SOFT!!)

Brandon: "Wang?"

Wayne: "Wayne." (He knows my name now. WOW!)

Brandon: "Nice meeting you Wayne. How's life been treating you?"

Wayne: "Fine. Well, busy, but pretty good." (Now you are talking to me, its better now)

Brandon: "Good Good. I had a pretty pleasant day as well."

Wayne: "That's nice." (Oh My Gosh, am I cheating on Paw already?!)

Brandon: "So, Wayne, what do you see yourself in the future? Have you ever thought about where you will be, and what you will do?

He looked at me in the eyes.

And I felt like a slug dancing on salt.

Wayne: "I don't think about future that much. Because it can change. I focus more on the present and pay attention to the choice that I make." (Does he want kids? Like, how many? I mean, I don't mind kids at all. We can always adopt and I’ll promise that I will treat them like I gave birth to them. But I'm not sure how my parents will think about this.)

Brandon: "Oh, interesting."

He smiled.

Crap, he's so HOT.

Brandon: "Have you thought of afterlife?"


Wayne: "... Uh... Not really." (Well, baby, I have thought about past life before. And I think I was a mermaid princess.)

Brandon: "Have you thought about where you will go after life?"

He reached into his gym back and pulled out a little booklet.

Wayne: "Well, it's interesting to think about it. But as for now, I don't see why I should think about life after death." (Be together until death do as part? Is that what you are saying?)

He placed the little booklet in my hand.

I looked down and read:

"New Covenant - Prophecy Edition"

*blink* *blink*

Wayne: "......................."

Brandon: "You will find all you need to know here. You will learn about life after death, where God leads us to."

I smiled and nodded my head.

The train started to decrease its speed.

Brandon: "I started when I was 10, and find it extremely helpful. It really helped me with personal growth and enlighten my life."

He said with sparks in his eyes.

He's so charming.

I smiled again, and nodded.

Then the train stopped.

Brandon: "Hey, it's my stop. It was great talking to you."

Wayne: "Same here, Have a good day."

Brandon: "You should read John, Chapter 4!"

He gave me another firm hand shake before he stepped out of the train with others who accompanied him.

I kept my smile on.

After the door closed behind Brandon... I flipped though the pocket-size booklet.

*flip* *flip*

John... 4...

*flip* *flip*

And I couldn't find his number.

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