Wednesday, April 14, 2004


The Manager walks over to Wayne's cubical. At the same time, Wayne pulled opened his drawer.

Manager paused.

Wayne looked up. "Hi."

Manager: "What's all these?" Pointing in the drawer.

Wayne: "My Herbal supplements."

Manger: "You don't need all these!"

Wayne: "You tell me. Without these babies, I'd be dead by now."

Manger: "Why? Why?"

Wayne: "Stress. Can't you see my hair's falling?" *flips his nicely combed hair to the other side*

Manger: "Oh, it's not. You think too much."

Wayne: "Yeah, I think too much about the projects that I have to do. Just like the one that was due this morning at 9."

Manger: "Well, sometimes, you just have to paste yourself, and take things one at a time..."

Wayne cuts him off..."How am I going to take things one at a time when you send them to me in a buy-one-get-20-free package!?"

Manger: "Just relax Wayne, don't put too much pressure on yourself."

Wayne: "Please, I would never give myself pressure. The pressure comes from certain INDIVIDUAL."

Manger: "Well..."

Wayne stands up and raised his voice.

"Don't tell me to relax and chill and NOT to think about Stress when you are giving all these sh*t to do.. And what do you do? You work from home, gawd damn it, You get to chill whenever you want. And it seems like, I have been doing EVERYTHING you are suppose to do. Excuse me, but I have TWO other managers to support."

Wayne grabs the stack of papers on his desk and throws them at his Manager.


Wayne wakes up.

Wayne looks at his clock... 6:00 AM.

"Damn, it I knew it was a dream, I'd shovel the chair up his A$$."

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