Monday, March 15, 2004

Walk like a Lady

For some of you, who have been living in New York for a while, must know how it is like in Penn Station, during the morning rush hours.

As soon as people get off from the subway train & LIRR, everyone would swarm though the walk way and take up as much space as possible.

People, all walk in different speeds. Some rush to get to the next train, some wants to buy some snacks... Some goes here, some goes there, and some stood in the middle of the traffic aimlessly lost.

For those of you who have never been to New York Penn Station, and are interested in visiting, please make a note, that no matter what... Do not stand in the middle of jamming crowds looking for direction. Because, I guaranteed, that you will end up being knocked to the side as if you were on a football field.

Without loosing the sass (sassy, you know) - I strolled down the walk way like a show dog. I kept my shoulders back, chest up and looking straight forward. People in all shades of outfit walk back and forth around me. With my dark dirty gray-ish coat, I blend in among the New Yorkers just as well.

Despite the fact, that my contact lenses were super dry and I couldn't keep my eyes open - I continued to walk forward with confidence (Imagine that I'm cat-walking down with Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" playing in the background)

(Hint: Do not use your re-wetting eye drops while standing in the middle of the Penn Station walk way. You will end up poking your eye out.)

With my eyes semi-closed, I swiftly dodged around the incoming people.

Then all of the sudden, I felt my right shoulder collided into something.

That something end up being another man's shoulder.

"Excuse Me." I said.

The man looked back at me.

Without a second though, I marched forward.

Then he grabbed my arm. "Hey, you ran into me!"

"Yeah, I said EXCUSE ME already." I talked back. (Like, oh my gawd oh my gawd, he's gonna kill me!)

Judging from the way he dressed, he has to be a visitor.

"I can't believe how RUDE you people are!" He raised his voice. As if, he haven't had one single positive experience since early morning.

"Well, get used to it." I shook him off and walked away. (The Diva attitude is a MUST, for any model wannabe's)

Lesson he learned: NO one grabs Wayne without his permission! (Unless it's a cutie or a llama who grabbed me)

**********On the side note**********

Paw and I were waiting on the Platform in Queens, for the [7] train. Due to the contraction taken place at the 42nd street, a lot of people have to transfer using another route to take the [7] train. The platform was packed with all sorts of people.

After 20 minutes, a lonely [7] finally arrived at the platform. As soon as the doors opened, people rushed forward like a bunch of hungry ants.

Paw and I stood back, allowing the ants to pass us.

Then Paw said..."See? A bunch of vultures. Must be muy hungry."

Surprised. I said..."Paw, is that a joke you just made? It's actually kinda funny."

Paw: "........................."

Wayne: "........................"

*blink* *blink*

Then we walked into the [7] train.

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