Thursday, March 04, 2004

A Lot of....

My sister (and I) have this bad habit. Whenever we go shop for food, we tend to buy them in bulk-size. (Cheaper)

It has been a constant cycle, where we would get a lot of let-over sitting in the fridge, rotten, and ended up being covered with mole. (The little tiny microscopic mushroom garden)

I, on the other hand, usually would try to clean up the food as fast as I can.

Just the other day, I took out the bag of ham that the female love bird purchased 3 weeks ago,, I noticed the new texture that the bag has.

It as more than just a plastic bag... It felt like... It felt like the interior of a raw pig stomach. (You know, very slimy and slippery)

Female Love Bird: "Oh damn. Do you think it is still eatable?"

Wayne: "Sure, why not. We shouldn't waste food like that."

So on the night where the Female Love Bird went out with the Male Love Bird, I decided to prepare our lunch for tomorrow.

I diced up the entire ham (since I try to get rid of it) and place them in a bowl.

The I found 2 bags of Chinese Onions (Scallion) sitting in the back of the fridge...

Didn't want to waste them, I pulled off the rotten part and diced the rest.

With my beautiful handy frying pan, I mixed the ham, scallions, eggs and rice together.

*fry* *fry* *fry* *fry* *fry*

Then later that night, the Female Love Bird got hungry....

Female Love Bird: "I smelled fried rice."

Wayne: "Yeah. I used up the ham and the onions."

Female Love Bird: "Cool, I get to taste it first."

The happy Female Love Bird made herself a small bowl of my superb fried rice, and also got herself a cup of lemon-water. (She squeezed the lemon into spring water, no sugar added)

I turned on the TV and pop-in the Chinese TV series VCD....

She insert a spoon full of fried rice into her mouth....

She chewed a bit...

She then picked up her cup and drank the entire lemon water.

Wayne: "You are really thirsty."

Female Love Bird turned to me and said..."Wa..yn..e.... This is... v...very.... Salty....."

Wayne: "Oh, crap. Must be the ham."

Then she made herself several more cups of lemon water and finished her bowl of rice.

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