Monday, March 08, 2004

I'm Feeling It, I'm Feeling You!

You asked me to take off my clothes.

I did.

I have never took off my clothes so fast and so early in the day.

It's only 4:00 PM, I thought to myself.

I am... Can I take off my clothes... RIGHT HERE?! In this PLACE?!

But I have to do what you want to do, for both of us to enjoy it.

Sitting on the bed, wearing only my underwear.... I felt the chill of the air as you moved toward me.

"Face down...."

I got on my hands and knees... and slowly lowed my body until my chest is firmly pressed against the bed.

Then I felt your hand, both of your hands, pressing down on my shoulders....

"You are so tense... Relax... Relax a bit.. Don't be nervous..."

My body trembles as I felt your hands rolled around my shoulder area....

You were giving me a back rub.

"Uh... I'll try to relax..."

And I felt your palms, rubbing down my the back of my neck down to the end of my... tail bone.

Then you grabbed the waist band of my underwear and pulled it all the way down.

As an instinct, my body tensed up again.

Without saying a word, you grabbed the lower portion of my butt....

I was really nervous... Even though it is not my first time...

"Flip over" you ordered.

And I did what you asked me to do.

"....T...This way...?"

You smiled and nodded in approval of my position.

Then you reached underneath my right leg and lift it up....

I let out a little sigh... I wasn't expecting you to do this... Yet.

I arched my back a bit... To help maintain my position.

You worked your hands all the way from my waist area down to my legs.

"Uh..." I moaned.

But the sultry sensation didn't last long... A sharp pain strike though my nerve and traveled all the way up to my head.

I wanted to scream... but I didn't. I can't scream and moan in a place like this...

Ahhhhhhhhh.... .OOoooh...Uhhhhhhhhhh....Uh.... Oh...Ahhhh..... I moaned in my head.

The pain was extreme... But pleasurable in a way....

It felt good.

It felt hella good.

The paste of my breath increased as my sweat dripped on the pillow...

My body... Covered in heat... I was burning... I felt like I was bathing in showers of heat... Steamy heat.


"Okay. All finished. Thank you." Said the Chinese lady.

I opened my eyes.... "Oh, thank you. That was really good."

I sat myself up, recovering from the relaxing Qi-Gong Massage Therapy.

"So, how you feeling?" I asked Paw.

Paw, sat on the massage bed next to mine...."It's Okay."

"I did asked them to get you the strongest masseur."

"Yeah, she was breathing deeply... She totally used all her strength."

"Haha, next time, they need to get a guy masseur."


I was fully dressed when the Woman in charge of the Massage Service opened the curtain.

"Everything okay?" She asked.

"Yes. Yes. It was great, thank you" I said as I tipped the masseur.

"Come back anytime when you need a massage."

"You bet." I smiled at her.

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