Monday, September 08, 2003

Fud Place of the Day

Cafe D'Etoile
8941 1/2 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Tel: 310.278.1011

Yes, I have wrote about restaurants in New York and the ones that I went to when I was in Paris. (I went to Chili's when I was in Floria, but it's a chain store, not much to write about) Now, I finally have the chance, to introduce to you, Cafe D'Etoile in West Hollywood, at the heart of the gay central! Whenever my friends and I went to hang out at West Hollywood, we always ended up eating at some crappy place. Never liked the food. Back then, we didn't have a decent job, so, we ended up going to weird cheap place to eat.
Cafe D'Etoile is located on Santa Monica Boulevard, sitting side by side with other mini restaurants. But the only thing unique about Cafe D'Etoile, is that it is more formal than it's neighbors. (Well, if you compare the price, you will see the difference.) I have personally been to Cafe D'Etoile twice, with the same crew (Danni and Duckie - We are like, Charlie's Angels, the gay version - Oh wait, since I'm the tallest... Does that make me Kate Jackson (Sabrina)?! Oh gawd...) ANYWAY - the food are really great. It's classy and decent and plus, there are plenty of EYE CANDIES to full-fill your lustful desires... (For boy and girls!)

Recommanded Food: ... I totally forgot what I had in the last two meals... But I didn't barf... So that's good.

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