Thursday, July 31, 2003


Here is the deal. I have to wear a damn suit to work. Not just a regular suit. But it has to look pretty. I have to look pretty, just like others working on the same floor. We are considered the "Conference Room" people.

Always, we must look presentable.

Along with the suit, came with the dress shirt, and silky tie.

To match up my suit pants. I have to wear nice dress shoes.

So, my uniform for work is rather, formal.

But today, instead of wearing my usual dress shoes... I wore my 'dress boots.' They are just like a pair of dress shoes, with pointing tips, nice smooth black leather coating... The "Boot" area, is covered up by my pants.

I just love wearing boots. You never know when you will be stick your foot up someone's ass. There's nothing more fierce and hard than boots.

It has been a long and not-so-productive day. I didn't do as much as what I expected. Argh. But I needed a break.

So, I reach down, and pull my boot-zipper down... Gonna take my foot out to breath some fresh air.

I got my right foot out... then as I was freeing my left foot... I heard a woman walking by... Saying..."Hmmm! Something smells good!!"

I looked up. Saw her walking away. And then looked back down on my right foot.

I said to myself, "Uh, No. It's not."

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