Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Paris 2003 - Chapter 3: Places to eat

There are a lot of restaurants in Paris. So many. So many. But only few are worth eating in. A restaurant can be beautifully decorated, yet the food taste like crap.

Here is a hint to everyone: Do Not Eat Anything Near the Eiffel Tower. Never and Ever!


I found most of the corner café and restaurants near the Eiffel Tower to be very commercialized. Majority of the customer are tourists like myself. And of course, we fell for pretty decorations and nice written English/French menu.

My steak tasted like nothing. No sauce. No nothing.
My French Fries tasted like nothing. No ketchup. No nothing.

Everything was plain.

We specifically asked for a flask of Tab water. But we ended up getting a 4 Euro worth of Mineral Water. I mean, it wasn’t even Evian, Damn it.

Even the damn Crepe tasted like crap. Argh. Too Sweet and too Wet. I mean, it was overly sauced.

And the worst is, everyone around us were smoking.

It was just bad. Plain bad!

Food Recommendation: None. Go else where to eat.

***TEA TIME***

I had the most amazing coffee at Café de Flore

Café de Flore
172 Boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris
Tél : 01 45 48 55 26
Bureaux : 01 45 44 07 17
Fax : 01 45 44 33 39

My sister and I both ordered the Salade Flore. It is basically a refreshing salad with diced ham, turkey breast, cheese and herb. Very neat and delicious. (I couldn’t tell what the dress is… But it tastes a mixture of basil, vinegar, mayo, with a little bit of rosemary) Great salad to have for hot summer afternoon.

As for beverages, I got the Café Cream. (Yep. I’m a coffee person) While my sister got the Hot Chocolate.

And Oh My Dear Gawd – The Coffee was So freaking’ Good. I mean, its only coffee with warm milk… But it tasted like none of the coffee I had before. I mean, it is so F**King good! I almost had a moment of ecstasy when I took my first sip of the aphrodisiac coffee. Gosh, I’m shivering all over just thinking about my experience there.

Food Recommendation: I believe Café de Flore is known for their beverages. If you like coffee. Get the coffee!!! If you don’t like coffee... Well, ask the waiter for suggestion. (My sister’s chocolate was really rich, by the way)

*** DINNER ***

Here is one restaurant that I really recommend to people who will be visiting Opera, Paris.

Chez Clement
chez Clément Opéra
17, boulevard des Capucines – 75002 Paris
Tél . +33 1 53 43 82 00 – Fax : +33 1 53 43 82 09

My sister and I ordered the Rotisserie Menu.

Rôtisserie Menu (Around 16 Euro per person)
Starter + main course + dessert (drink not included)

Mixed salads with fresh herbs
Oriental shrimp taboulé
9 special n°5 Quiberon oysters
- - -

"Beef" rôtisserie: Piece of beef, pork spare ribs with honey and spices, crispy chicken
"Duck" rôtisserie: Duck breast, pork spare ribs with honey and spices, crispy chicken
"Salmon" rôtisserie: Salmon steak, pork spare ribs with honey and spices, crispy chicken
- - -

Iced chocolate melody
Crème brûlée with brown sugar
Caramelized pancake flambeed with Grand Marnier

And oh my dear gawd, my Beef rotisserie was delicious. I mean, Yum!! Uh Uh Uh Uh!! I mean, it has sauce. Compare to what I had at that Eiffel Tower corner restaurant, this was one miracle meal.

I had the Crème Brulee for desert, while my sister got the Caramelized pancake (Crepe) - And wow, Grand Marnier is one strong liquor! (The waitress pour a small jar of Grand Marnier on top of the crepe, and then lit it on FIRE! Weeee!!! Awesome! Awesome!)

Food Recommendation: I noticed that some people around us were eating Raw Bar. (Raw Bar = raw oysters, cocktail shrimps, clams, lemon, and cups of sauce sitting on top of a bowl filled with shaved ice) Looked pretty good.

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