Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The Shattered Dream of a Diva

What can I say, I have to surf the web when I'm working. I really do. It is something that I do to de-stress myself.
Anyway, I went to MTV.COM today - like the usual, I went to the casting call section. Down the list... I saw "Say What? Karaoke is BACK!" -- I was like, WOW!!!! REALLY!!! That is SOOO COOL!!! And this time, it's in New York!!
I have auditioned for Say What? Karaoke back when I was still a college pup back in San Diego. It was one of the exciting and memorable experiences I ever had. I was very proud that I made it though the first audition.
I closed my mind, and let my memory take me back to another time trip... I see myself, wearing a pair of olive green relax-fit pants with a bunch of pockets... A black T-shirt and tennis shoes....

"Okay, Wayne, you are up"

I jumped onto the stage.....

*music starts in the background*

(yes, that's it, that's the song! - Candy by Mandy Moore)

I held the microphone close to my lips.... took a deep breath... and sang...

I'm so addicted
To the lovin' that you're feeding to me~~~~
Can't do without it~~~~
This feeling's got me weak in the knees~~
Body's in withdrawal~~
Everytime you take it away~~
Can't you hear me callin'
Begging you to come out and play?

I raised my right arm and points at one of the judge.
I winked at her.
I did.
Moving to the left of the stage, I made a turn, and winked at another girl.
yes I did.

So baby come to me ~~
Show me who you are ~
Sweet to me~
Like sugar to my heart
I'm cravin' for you
I'm missin' you like candy~~~

I got a call back after a week - For my second audition. I was way hyped up... But, it was during my midterms week... I did manage to go to the 2nd audition... But I was really tired. I looked like a freakin' panda. Many sleepless nights and stress caused my stardom to fame. I didn't make it though the second audition. I didn't have the sparks that I had from the first audition. - I wasn't flaming enough -

You must be wondering, why in the world did I pick Mandy Moore's Candy Song? Well, back when I first register to audition for the show, we have to select songs from a list of videos that was provided. They didn't have any good J'Lo songs that I can really shake my butt with. And all other songs are too hard for me to sing. (Okay, I admit it, I'm not a good singer - in fact, I *can't* sing) - I have to do something to distract the judge from noticing my voice. Therefore, I decided to be a "Candy Boy."

That was probably the last audition I did for anything.

Anyway, I got excited to see Say What? Karaoke is back, and the audition is in New York. (I'm in New York! Yay!) I clicked the link, and read the description. And yes, it was the same description that I read while back!! The time for me to revenge is here!!! It's finally here!!!

Then I saw "We are looking for enthusiastic, high energy kids ages 16-24 who want compete on our show, perform for our panel of celebrity judges and possibly turn your skills into PRIZES!"
and then "You MUST look 16-24 years old"

Like an arrow through my heart... I went blank for a couple of seconds...


"Why Me?!"

I am NOT nor I look anywhere within the age range.

This sucks big time.


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