Thursday, June 12, 2003

Phone Memory 2

*Phone Rings*

*Wayne picks up the phone*

Wayne: "Hello?"

Voice: "Bruce?"

Wayne: "Sorry, this is not Bruce. I think you got the wrong number."

Voice: "Who is this?"

Wayne: "I've already told you. There is no Bruce here. You got the wrong number."

Voice: "You F**King Liar! I need to speak to Bruce."

Wayne: "I'm sorry, but you got the wrong number."

Voice: "You MotherF*cker! Son-of-a-B*tch! Let me talk to Bruce Now!!!"

Wayne: "Excuse me?!"

Voice: "Gawd Damn it! You F*ucking..."

Wayne: "F*CK You and F*CK yo mama. Don't make me go up there and stick my foot up your sorry A$$. It's gonna hurt you so bad that you wish you weren't born as a skanky hoe!You F*ckin' AH-Hole! SH*T, Go to HE*L!!"

*Wayne hangs up the phone*

And I thought to myself... "Damn! I'm ghetto fabulous!"

(ahem, I'm not like this though, seriously, I'm a very sweet, shy and innocent guy in real life. I am! I am!)

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