Saturday, May 31, 2003

There Goes My Wisdom

I am writing this in pain. Yes. I mean, P-A-I-N.
This feeling is horrible. I've got tears in my eyes, body feeling weak, and sourness within my chest... Why does it take me 25 years, to see how much of a threat this is? Why did I wait for such a long time?

Well, actually... 3 years ago... Someone did warn me... The longer I wait... More pain it will cost me...
I thought I was smart... I have everything under control. My feelings... emotions.... and mind....

But... I was wrong... What have I done to myself... Why Why Why Why Why....?!

Argh, the PAIN!!!

I've never realize that getting a wisdom tooth removed can be such a painful experience. The worst thing is, my dentist told me that my cheek will be swelling for at least 3-4 days. What? I have to look like a chipmunk for the next couple of days?! Ahhhh.....

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