Sunday, May 18, 2003

"Practice limited to Endodontics" - says the sign outside of Dr. MeowMeow's office. (No, he's name is not MeowMeow - I use a fake name to make sure he's away from any internet harrasssssssmentz) -
I had my root canal done yesterday. - It was the first time I came to a specialist for a tooth - a Root Canal specialist.
Like always, I have this stereotype about most dentists. They are either really really old men, or women with short blonde hair. (What can I say - I have been those the same dentist during the progress of growing up)
The assistant sat me down on one of the chair.
"Dr. MeowMeow will be right with you"
I was like.."er, okay, I can't get it over with. Another day at the dentist's office, another day with the drills, another day with the nasty 'tooth' smell..."
Then I heard...

"Dr. MeowMeow, your first patient is here"
"Okay, I'll be there in a minute"

Wow, what was that? He has a very nice voice. At least, not the 'grandpa' voice I was expecting. My heart start to beat.. .and I got all curious about this Dr. MeowMeow. What does he look like, how old is he... Does he look good for his age? Is he muy grande? is he skinny? Oh, I can't wait!

Then here it came - a hand extended out of no where, came in front of my face.

"Hi, I'm Dr. MeowMeow. Nice meeting you Wayne"
"Nice meeting you too"

I reach out with my right hand, and shake his.

Damn, its cold. He has slender fingers. Kinda skinny.

"Sorry, my hand is kinda chilly this morning"
"Oh, that's okay. It's early in the morning, after all"

I was thinking to myself....What does an early morning has to do with cold hands? Gosh, what's going on with me.

Then there he is... walk right in front of me..."Okay Wayne, I'm going to take some X-Rays"

He's got gorgeous dark eyes and nice short clean cut dark hair. (Wow! he's my type! well, just like every other men. hehe)
But seriously, I like him. Even though 1/2 of his face is covered by the N.95 mask. I like his hair, I like his eye brows (wanna rub them with my finger!), his eyes.. and his voice.

This guy is not a grandpa. He is sooooooooooo not a grandpa. I think I'm going to enjoy this Root Canal session. At least, I have got someone to focus on.

Then here it is. X-Ray, Drilling.. this and that and many more. The usual Root Canal routine. (I have been though many many many many root canal sessions. 70% of the teeth I have left are all either fake or filled with fillings)

"Wayne, does it hurt?"
"Uh uh" (Nope)
"Wayne, are you okay?"
"Uh uh" (Nope)
"Let me know if you feel any pain, okay?"
"Uh uh" (Okay)

Wow, he cares about me. He's so gentle and he really cares. What a great husband material. I mean, he's also a dentist.. so that's a PLUS. (I just can't hide the gold digger in me)

But my tooth is really really sore...
Oh Dr. MeowMeow, for you, I will endure any pain.

Then its done. Very fast. Wow, he *IS* the expert with Root Canal (Gosh, I love man who knows what he's doing). I mean, after all, this is why I am here. Getting treatment from a Root Canal specialist.

The assistant came in..."Dr. MeowMeow is waiting at the front desk"

I got up, and rinse my mouth really quick.. jump off the chair... and look for the entrance.

"Over there, turn left" she points.

I turned left.
And there he is. Mask off.... Dr. MeowMeow...
Dark hair, dark eyes... about 6'2 tall... thin build.... looks like he's in his late 20's....

"Okay, I'm going to write some prescription..."

He has this scar on the left side of his face. I wondered, what could have caused that... But who cares, he looks even more sexier with the scar.

I want to jump on him and give him a smooch on the face.

"So, you will take this once very 6 hours. You will have to finish all of the medication. Even if you don't feel that you are hurting anymore."

I blinked...."Oh, yes, yeah yeah, okay, anything you say"

Then the assistant came in.

"Okay, we will have to schedule next time when you can come in and check on your tooth..."

Dr. MeowMeow went into the back.

My heart felt cold.... I'm just like every other patient. I'm only an object. Why would he shown interest in me? I mean, maybe he's married. Oh wait, what am I thinking? He's straight. But wait, how can I be sure?


I scheduled an appointment with Dr. MeowMeow in two weeks....

I walked out of the door.


"Baby, I'll be back, and next time, I'll remember to take a shower and dress up all pretty for you"

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