Tuesday, May 20, 2003


The old lady who sits on the other side of the cubical had some serious coughing this morning.
No, not just today. She always coughs. Just that today is more serious.

Sometimes, I do worry about, but never had the guts to ask her...She's quite scary at times.

"Pat, just what the hell is going on with this coughing?"

But... Maybe I should rephrase my words...

"Pat, are you okay? I noticed that you have been coughing a lot lately...."

But people around her, never really bother to do anything, or ask her if she's okay. They are used to it. They are just minding their own business.
I mean, they have been working with her for 20 years... I have only been working for 5 months...
They know things that I don't know.

Pat is not the most friendly person at where I work. I have said "Hi" to her numerous of times when I walk by her, but I've only got "Hi" back once in a while.
Since she sits so close to me, I get to over-hear a lot of the conversation she had over the phone. With her daughter, her daughter in law.. her.. this her that.. there are so many people she talk to at work. But one thing I'm sure, is she always end up being very 'pissed' after each phone conversation. There seems to be a lot of drama in her life. (well, a lot, since Pat is a very very very very old lady)


There she goes again...

I wonder, will I ever be like that?

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