Friday, June 27, 2008

Eye Candy for the Pride Week

Honestly, I don't follow daytime soap. I mean, whenever they are airining, I'm always at work.

I don't have subscription to the Soap cable network, nor I have TiVo. Even if I start watching them, I wouldn't have know who is who, what is what, and who is related to who and who had sex with who. These shows has been On-Air for ages. years. decades. centuries.

But today, I would like to introduce to you a star from the show, The Young and the Restless. (No. I don't watch the show. But I did google about the hotties on the show) His name is, Eyal Podell. (No. I cannot pronounce his first name. But who cares. He's an "EYE-CANDY." I just need to LOOK at him.)

Eyal protraits the character Professor Adrian Korbel. (Oh my. A Professor! What a great candidate for a Cosplay/Role-Play fantasy!?) Just imagine.... you screaming "Oh Professor! Oh Yes Prfessor!! Teach me! Teach me Everything!!!"

(I think he looks adorable with the fuzzy chin)

And in real life, he's happily married and has a daughter. What a great family man!!!

But who knew, when he was younger, he did an MTV Undressed Episode:

Happy Pride, everyone!!!!

Remember me?

Hi everyone. I know it's been DECADES since I last post anything. I've been fine, nothing wrong with my health, job, and I haven't been de-virgin-ized (again) or anything. Rather, I just really didn't have the time or, any materials to blog about.

So, what's new?

  • I now work in Downtown Manhattan. No more commuting to Jersey City. Yay.

  • I now work for a new department (same company). I'm so stressed. So much to learn.

  • I now work in a completely different line of business. I'm freakin' out.

  • I now work at the same cubical space with the Exec.Assistant of the department. I hate it.

  • I now back at the corporate building. I have to wear suit to work.

  • Hrm. Yeah....


    Jess said...

    Oh yes. One of those yummy Israeli boys! You know, I think that's what you need, Wayne. A nice Jewish boy! Maybe not a soap opera star, but one who is at least suitably cute to match up to how fabulous you are!

    Chimera_Dream_Warrior said...

    Long time no see, I have been missing but checking in to see when you do post. Same with me been busy with Master's program but finished yesterday 100% Yeah!

    I had seen the episode of undressed. He is an eye candy. Hope your work gets better, glad to know you are ok.

    I posted yesterday that the SF Pride Parade will be on All you have to do is come back to on Sunday, June 29th at 10:30am PST and boom -- you'll be watching everything. Enjoy, hugs from your bad santa

    Wayne said...

    Jess: oh my, Israeli boys. Yes. Oh Yes! Is it true that there's some culture similarity between the Chinese and Jewish??

    Lana: Ah, wow, thanks for checking in on my blog!!! Much appreciation!!! - To be honest, I didn't get to watch any of the Undressed Episodes when it was on air. (Now there's an Undressed.Tv) - I also heard that NY and SF have the same pride weekend :) Very cool. Everyone's celebrating together.

    M.C. said...

    wow. really long time no see. and I'm moving, too.... *ahem*

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    FanofEyal said...

    I totally agree... Eyal is a hottie and a very interesting character at that! It's great that you recognized him!