Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Oh Baby, that feels good!

Despite the harsh snow, the company won't let us stay home. Crawling my way though the snow, I made my way to the train station. (Thanks to my leave-in conditioner, my hair was well-protected from snow... Oh, did I forgot to mention? I don't wear hats)

Same old routine, I slept on the train like a drunk man. It was not until the train arrived at the destination, I woke up next to a very old lady wearing a 'fish' scent perfume. I had no clue when she sat next to me. I must be really tired.

Off to the subway.

Everything seemed so perfectly timed. As soon as I lay my foot on the platform, the [2] train came rushing down the tunnel.


The door opens.

I squeezed my body into the train.


The door closes.


The door opens again.

"Please step all the way inside. Do not block the door." Words came out of the speaker phone.


The door closes.

Like the lettuce between the two hamburger bums, I was tightly wrapped by fellow passenger. (Being Sandwiched? It was more like Hex-witched. In a more sexual term, Sandwich is more like a threesome.... Hex-wiched is more like gang bang. See, I told you that I'm gonna get down dirty and all personal.)

As a habit of mine (and some of you out there) - I have got to check out the people around me. Like a deer losing its direction, I pretend that I was looking for the subway map... I let my eyes pondered around aimlessly... Mean while, taking notes on how many eyes-cream are available.

Though the reflection of the glass (plastic) window, I saw a gorgeous man behind me. Well not directly behind me. He's left arm is pressing right against my back.

Okay, Statues report:

Nicely combed dark Hair, Shimmering dark eyes (Italian?), 6'2" tall, about 190 lbs., clean shaven... Looks kinda like Justin Melvey. (Special thank to Miu, for introducing him to me through her blog)

Damn Sexy! What a STUD! I mean, Wow!

Just when I was about to shift my body toward the angle where I can see more of his reflection, I felt him touching me.

Well, not exactly grabbing my butt or something... But I felt his left hand pressing firmly against my lower right thigh.

Like the ray of sun that shines though the snow storm, warmth covered the surface of my face. Flowers growing, butterflies flying... Heart beating faster and face turning red.

I totally sure hoped he did that on purpose.

But within split second, guilt swallowed me whole.

Paw. Was the next thing that came up to my head.

Paw~ Paw~ I miss you so much~ Wahhhh~

I didn't know what I should do.

Look back at the hunky donkey sexy stud's reflection... He was pretending to enjoying the music though the mp3 player. He must totally enjoy rubbing his hand against my body... If only he can go lower... Ack, damn it. I shouldn't think about other guys, I mean, he's such a handsome guy and he showed interest in me, and like, if I'm single, I'd totally press him firmly against the door and planets a big ole' wet kiss on his sexy soft lips - And just like every other romantic comedy, the door will pop open, and both of us will fell on the platform. Hands all over the place, I slowly undress him while he firmly held my body against him. Then the train conductor came over and asked us to get a room. So we did. We charged into the train ticket booth and continue making out like barbarians.

What, what the heck is going on?!

Wayne! Snap out of it! You must stop!!

Sitting on my left shoulder, Fairy Wayne told me that I should turn around, stare at the studly stranger, and said, "Excuse me, Sir. But I'm seeing someone already."

On the other shoulder, Mariah Scary encourages me to enjoy this fabulous sensation.

Torn between the good and evil, I felt like I'm-Not-A-Girl-Not-Yet-A-Woman Britney.

What to do?! What to do?!

Then his hand moved toward the front a little bit.

Oh yeah, Oh yeah!

Okay, Okay. I'm going to turn around, look at him in the eyes, and tell him:

"Excuse me, Sir. But I'm seeing someone already. But feel free to leave me your business card, and maybe we can go hang out sometimes. Have some drink, watch a movie, then head back to your place and chill for a little bit."

Then the train came to a stop. Passengers around us made their way out of the train.

The intense gang-bang pressure were gone. Leaving us exposed to the public.

What about his...

I turned my head while worrying about people seeing us.

The handsome man, already moved his way to the other side of the door, leaning against the pole.

Behind me, was a lady (about 5'2" tall), who wrapped her arm around the pole to maintain her balance, in her hand, she held a novel. In her other hand, stood one of those big long black umbrellas. The curved handle was right next to my right-butt cheek.

I rolled my eyes.

Moved myself to an empty seat.

Deep inside my heart, I screamed.

Wayne, you are one f**ked up idiot.

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